VAT Accounting

VAT is a vital part of business as it needs to be calculated accurately and submitted honestly.

A Review will be Conducted

VAT is a vital part of any business that has a turnover of over £ 85,000 per year, businesses need to calculate VAT accurately and submitted honestly, our method is just as clear as our bookkeeping.

A review will be conducted for all sales and purchases every month end and per quarter. A test would then be undertaken that is specially designed for Business VAT, we complete these for our business partners to comply with VAT Laws with HMRC. This will give us an indication as to how much the VAT amount is likely to be at the end of each quarter.

With our business partners we ensure that the amount is correct and that we have advised them that they are on the correct VAT scheme, flat rate, profit based or standard, to name a few.

Upon Completion

Upon the completion of the test, we advise of the VAT amount to the business partner and upon their knowledge of the amount the submission will take place. All this for a fair and affordable price from Bowy’s.