Staff are the business life blood, A happy member of staff is a good member of staff.

Staff are the business life blood. As we know a happy member of staff is a good member of staff. Our payroll is completed on Sage and is very straight forward allowing your staff to access their payslips and p60’s on the go from the app. The steps allowed on Sage are easy to follow and even easier to use.

We like to ask business partners to email us the various members of staff and what their hours completed for that week/month along with salary members of staff. We ask for a Weekly/Monthly amount so we can check if there are any changes to their working month, e.g. Illness, Holiday, etc.

From there we calculate our payroll while inputting this on to Sage Accounts, there after we email the payslips to either the Manager or the staff directly. We also email separately the amount due to be paid for the staff and the deductions that need to be accounted for to comply with Privacy to each member of staff.

The best bit, we offer all of this at a fair and reasonable price for your company to grow.